At Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management Physicians, our physicians are subspecialty board certified and trained in controlling pain by employing a variety of treatments including:

Regenerative Medicine Procedures

Amnion allograft injections are derived from minimally manipulated amniotic tissues for homologous use in large and small joints and spinal procedures.

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Backache, Medical Exam, Rear View, Showing spinal column in red

Facet Injections

Administered both for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, and can, as with the epidural steroid injections, be targeted to the cervical, thoracic or lumbar areas.

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Sacroiliac Joint Injection

An injection of an anesthetic with a long lasting steroid mixture into the sacroiliac joints, which are located in the back where the lumbosacral spine joins the pelvis.

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Radiofrequency (Rhizotomy)

A proven, safe means of interruption of pain signals that are transmitted through specific nerve supplies. A very high radiofrequency current is passed down a temperature monitoring probe, which is inserted through a special needle.

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Neuroforaminal / Epidural Injections

The most commonly performed injections. As with all of our outpatient procedures, these injections are performed using fluoroscopic (live x-ray) guidance to ensure correct placement of administered medications.

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Dorsal Column & Spinal Cord Stimulators

Devices that override painful nerve signals by transmitting mild electrical impulses via a probe placed into the epidural space.

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doctor explaining with an anatomical spine to a woman in a clinic.Provocative Discography

A diagnostic procedure in which a needle is placed into a lumbar or cervical disc to identify whether there is an internal disc disruption.

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B12 Injections / IV Infusions

A proper level of this vitamin is necessary to the body in order to maintain adequate brain function as well as red blood cell and protein creation. Injections of vitamin B12, otherwise known as cyanocobalamin, can be considered when the body is not receiving what it needs naturally.

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Nonopoid Alternatives